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Combo Double – Reusable pad S + Reusable pad M

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With superior leakage protection, FemiEko® reusable absorbents are very light, soft and only 3 mm thick. As soon as you test them, you will see that they feel different from a classic absorbent, and the comfort level is increased due to the very fine texture of the materials.

Reusable absorbents are environmentally friendly (have a lifespan of over 2 years), are hygienic and easy to wash, and are less expensive in the long run.

The material that meets the skin is absorbent and the interior is made of bamboo, and the part of the absorbent that folds on the panty is made of waterproof material.

We recommend washing the absorbents before first use. After use, rinse under cold running water to remove blood, then wash in the machine (maximum 50 °).

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Switch from regular absorbents to a greener, more comfortable and more durable absorbent. With our reusable absorbents:

You will feel more comfortable and you will have that permanent feeling of freshness. The bamboo fabric from which FemiEko® absorbents are made helps the material breathe and allows moisture to evaporate inside. Less moisture means fewer bacteria that produce unpleasant odors, even when you wear the absorbent for a longer period of time than you normally do (FemiEko® absorbents can be worn for up to 10 hours depending on the flow ).

You will never have the feeling that your skin is stuck to the adhesive or the feeling of rustling plastic between your legs, which is the case with disposable absorbents (FemiEko® absorbents have a discreet but effective way to be fixed on panties). Thanks to the clamped wings, our pads fold perfectly into squares that you can pack and take in your bag. We recommend that you try our waterproof pouch for storing used absorbents when you are on the move.

You will not be exposed to unhealthy chemicals, treated cotton and bleaching agents that are commonly used in disposable absorbents. The materials we use are carefully designed to ensure comfort, protection and absorption. This means that the tampon feels dry on the outside, even when the inside has collected a lot of menstrual blood.

You will save money every month, because you will buy the absorbents once and you will reuse them between 2 and 5 years.

FemiEko® absorbent is easy to wash. Just rinse it well before putting it in the washing machine and you’re done! It does not dry in the car and should not be exposed to high heat or hot water (maximum 50 degrees).

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The COMBO package is specially created to enjoy sustainable products at a great price. You invest once and enjoy the benefits of the reusable products for a period of over 2 years.

Be fully protected and enjoy stress-free days without spending monthly on disposable products

Customer reviews

1 Customer review

  1. Combo Double - Reusable pad S + Reusable pad M photo review
    Podocea Corina
    9 May 2022
    Vârstă: 45
    Nivel Flow: Menstruație medie
    Stai fără griji, mai ales că produsele au un impact mai redus asupra mediului. Cu toții știm cât de mult poluăm mediul cu absorbantele clasice. Absorb...More
    Stai fără griji, mai ales că produsele au un impact mai redus asupra mediului. Cu toții știm cât de mult poluăm mediul cu absorbantele clasice. Absorbantele reutilizabile, la fel ca și chiloții, se pot folosi până la 2 ani de zile, ceea ce ne conferă și un avantaj financiar, deasemenea.
    Reply from Femi.Eko®:
    Mulțumim pentru recomandare și aprecieri? ne bucuram când avem alături femei devotate sănătății lor și viitorului planetei?
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