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How to wash a pair of menstrual panties. See FemiEko specialists’ recommendations.

Cum speli o pereche de chiloți menstruali. Vezi recomandările specialiștilor FemiEko

Did you know that cold water is recommended for removing blood stains from any fabric? Find out our recommendations to keep your menstrual panties spotless for long wear.

Menstrual underpants: cleaning with cold or warm water?

You may know this from our grandmothers, who advised us to always use cold water to remove blood stains. And they were right. Although it’s counterintuitive, cold water is the effective solution for blood stains. Why? 

Blood contains proteins which, when exposed to warm water, form strong bonds and the stain becomes very difficult to remove. Cold water, on the other hand, blocks the ability of these proteins in the blood to ‘bind’, and bloodstains ‘come out’ much more easily.

If you were wondering what menstrual panties are, you should know that they are part of the newest trend in intimate care for women, and cleaning them is a very simple process. 

Cold water is also recommended for cleaning a pair of menstrual panties. For a quick clean, we recommend that you first run your pair of menstrual panties under cold water. The process will help remove residue more quickly and the fabric will hold up much better over time.

Menstrual panties – several special layers 

Although they feel very soft against your skin, you should know that there are several layers of protection in a pair of menstrual underwear that you don’t see, but thanks to which you are protected during your period and whenever you need it. These layers will retain their properties over time depending on how you care for your menstrual underwear. 

In short, the more careful you are to protect the layers that make up your menstrual underwear, the more you will benefit from the invisible but effective technology in your menstrual underwear. They look like a normal pair of underwear, feel very comfortable against your skin, but need attention and care when you wash them. 

Menstrual Panties: cleaning with cold water and soap

Once you have run your pair of menstrual underwear through a cold water jet, you can decide to continue the cleaning process either by hand washing or using the washing machine. The material is resistant and will perform excellently in both hand and machine washing, but at a maximum of 40 degrees. You can use special cleaning products such as fragrance-free detergents, normal detergents, or even regular soap, but you need to pay special attention to the temperature. 

Menstrual panties: recommendations for hand washing 

If you choose to wash them by hand after the first removal of residues with water, you can apply soap or other products. Gently massage the fabric until the blood is completely removed from the fabric. Make sure you have rinsed the underwear thoroughly and that all soap is removed. Rinse 2-3 times if necessary. 

You’ll know when your pair of menstrual panties has been completely cleaned because they’ll look like new. The material from which menstrual panties are made performs excellently in the cleaning process, and repeated wear leaves no visible wear marks in the fabric fibre. 

Menstrual panties do not need disinfecting once they are washed properly. They should not be boiled or soaked in chlorine or other bleaching substances, as this can destroy the fabric and waterproof layer of the panty, but it is also not medically advisable as you can transfer chemicals to the intimate area (such as chlorine). 

Menstrual panties: washing machine cleaning and drying

Before you clean a pair of menstrual panties in the washing machine, check the water temperature: It should NOT exceed 40 degrees. 

Although water at a very high temperature can kill viruses and bacteria, if you choose to disinfect your pair of menstrual panties with very hot water, you risk damaging the waterproof coating. 

Menstrual underwear: cleaning at low temperature 

The temperature at which the protective layers in a pair of menstrual underpants retain their properties is 40 degrees. How do you know if the water is 40 degrees? 40 degrees is a temperature that the skin on your hands feels “warm”. In the case of a washing machine, you can set the water temperature automatically. 

It is recommended that after each wear you thoroughly clean your menstrual underwear and leave them to dry at room temperature. Drying them too quickly could damage the inside. Don’t dry them in the tumble dryer, the wet laundry mode, as this can increase the risk of vaginal infections. 

Menstrual Panties: OTHER tips & tricks

DON’T IRON your menstrual panties, and don’t dry them on the radiator. This destroys the waterproof layer. 

You can clean menstrual underwear occasionally with a vinegar bath, but make sure you rinse them thoroughly afterwards. 

It’s best not to use conditioner or bleach, as this destroys the fabric and the waterproof layer. In addition, none of the solvents are suitable for contact with vaginal mucous membranes. 

If you have recently discovered the benefits of this new type of underwear, have recently purchased a pair of menstrual panties and have found that they provide everything you need for safe menstruation, then it’s good to know that women generally opt to have several pairs of menstrual panties, between 3 and 5 pairs. Thanks to multiple pairs of menstrual panties, you’ll always have the perfect care available for those tricky days and beyond. Plus, with multiple pairs of menstrual underwear, the average 2-year lifespan of a pair is greatly extended. The more pairs of panties you have, the longer their life. See our COMBO packages at great prices.  

Cleaning a pair of menstrual underwear: important to remember 

Cleaning a pair of menstrual underwear is a very simple and quick process. Whether you choose to clean them in the washing machine or by hand, cleaning them won’t take up too much of your time, and if you pay attention to a few details, then you’ll enjoy the benefits of one or more pairs of menstrual underwear for a long time. If you remember that cold water and temperatures below 40 degrees are important for cleaning a pair of menstrual panties, then anything else you want to add to the cleaning process is okay.

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