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Menstrual disc or menstrual cup? What FemiEko specialists recommend us

Reusable menstrual products have gained popularity among women all over the world because they help them feel freedom of movement and protection even during that time of the month. First came the menstrual cup, a healthy and comfortable alternative to classic products. Those who have used it gave the verdict: it is a “must-have”. Then FemiEko specialists created the menstrual disc, a truly innovative reusable intimate product designed to provide even more comfort during menstruation. The women who tested it called it the “perfect product”.

The two are diametrically opposed, both in form and mode of operation. The principle, however, is the same: you will forget about disposable products, for which you will no longer need to pay month after month. You will have total freedom of movement: you can do any type of sport, swimming, yoga, fitness at the gym or running outdoors.

Start by getting to know two of FemiEko’s products better. Below you will find the necessary information about what they are, how they work and what is the difference between the disc and menstrual cups.

What is the menstrual disc and what are its benefits 

This is the latest reusable product created to give women all the comfort they need during menstruation. It is made of biocompatible medical silicone, which does not irritate, does not cause allergies and does not develop any unpleasant odor.

The disc effectively collects menstrual blood and can be used for around 8 hours, but not more than 12. It works based on a simple system: it folds easily, has a long tail and a ring for easy grip and removal. 

The innovation comes from the fact that it will be positioned on the diagonal of the vaginal canal and in this way it will collect the menstrual blood much higher. Its position will be different from that of a menstrual cup, which is inserted straight. The silicone menstrual disc works like a circle on the inside, which rests on the pubic bone. Therefore, it does not take up space in the vagina. For this very reason, FemiEko specialists recommend this product that can be worn even during sex, which is contraindicated when using a tampon or a menstrual cup.

Very important to know when using the FemiEko menstrual disc is that it is sterilized both at the beginning of your period, before use, and at the end, after you have used it. All you have to do is boil it in water for 10-20 minutes, no more, or use a special sterilizer from the range of FemiEko accessories. It can also be cleaned during menstruation with the help of an intimate gel.

What is the menstrual disc and what are its benefits

What is a menstrual cup? Recommendations for its choice and use

The cup is another reusable product, also made of medical silicone, which is inserted into the vagina and collects menstrual blood inside.

Unlike the disc – the product described above -, it is available in two sizes, and you will choose the ideal one to hold depending on the length of the cervix. It is essential to determine exactly which size fits you to avoid any risk of leaks. Here are the recommendations of FemiEko specialists: 

  • Size A is recommended for women with low to heavy menstrual flow, who are under 30, have a low cervix and have not given birth.
  • Size B is more suitable for women who have become mothers, are over 30 years old, have a heavy menstrual flow and a high cervix.

Using the menstrual cup is simple: it is placed in the vaginal canal, offering 100% comfort and protection. If you have a light flow, you can keep it between 8 and 10 hours, and if the flow is abundant, the cup must be emptied every 3-4 hours and reinserted. The product has a long tail, which can be adjusted by cutting, so that it is as comfortable as possible. Wear it on vacation, when you do sports or when you simply go about your daily activities. 

What is the menstrual disc and what are its benefits

Differences between menstrual disc and menstrual cup

  • The positioning inside the vagina is different: the disc collects the menstrual blood much higher, because it will be positioned diagonally across the vaginal canal. It will not actually take up space in the vagina. The cup, on the other hand, is inserted straight, not very high, like a disposable tampon, to create the vacuum needed to collect the menstruation.
  • You can have sex while wearing the menstrual disc, not while using the menstrual cup.
  • The disc looks like a diaphragm, while the cup has a conical shape.
  • The menstrual disc has a slightly thicker edge and does not create a vacuum, instead it is positioned firmly and remains open, managing to collect your period correctly and comfortably for you. 

What is the menstrual disc and what are its benefits

When it comes to choosing a menstrual or intimate hygiene product, it’s important to know what your needs are, but also how each one works, what advantages or disadvantages it has. After finding out all the necessary information about the two FemiEko products, the cup and the menstrual disc, choose the option that suits you.

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