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Menstrual disc vs cup: which choice is better?

Menstrual disc vs cup

The menstrual disc and the menstrual cup are two of the most innovative products in intimate hygiene. Women who wanted to offer other women a comfortable, safe and economical alternative on those days of the month have developed these devices to replace disposable pads and tampons with real success.

If you haven’t tried one of FemiEko’s products, pads or menstrual cups before, but you’ve heard that they take the worry out of having to change your pad or tampon every two hours, in this article we provide information to help you make the best choice for you and your body’s needs.

In the following you will find out what a menstrual cup is, what a menstrual disc is, what materials both are made of, how to insert and remove them, how long you can wear them, whether they are reusable, what the cleaning and storage conditions are, and whether there are any risks in using them. We also talk about the myths surrounding the use of menstrual discs and cups:

What is the menstrual cup?

What is the menstrual cup?

FemiEko’s menstrual cup is an intimate product made of 100% medical grade silicone, specifically designed to be used during menstruation as a healthy, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products. The cup is used inside the vagina and effectively protects against leakage. Unlike a tampon that absorbs menstrual fluid, when you use the cup the blood is collected inside. A protective cup ring helps to create a vacuum in the vaginal canal and thus provides total safety. You’ll effectively forget you’re menstruating, especially as you can leave it in your vagina for up to 8-10 hours if you don’t have a heavy flow. It is available in two sizes, depending on your cervical type (low/medium or high). 

What is the menstrual disc?

What is the menstrual disc?

The 100% medical silicone menstrual disc is our newest product, designed to meet the needs of every woman and to fit various cervical heights. It has a universal size that does not take into account menstrual flow, cervical position, age or childbirth. The menstrual disc is used inside the vagina, where it collects blood naturally without creating bacteria, irritation or unpleasant odors. It is positioned under the pubic bone and thus, it fits across the width of the vaginal canal, and not under the cervix like a menstrual cup. Unlike the cup, the disc can be used without problems even if you have a sterile, as it does not vacuum.

And yes, as I’ve mentioned in other FemiEko menstrual disc material, you can have sex while wearing it. 

Menstrual cup vs disc: Material

In terms of the material they are made of, you should know that they are perfectly safe for you, as there is no risk of causing you vaginal infections or dryness. Of course, as long as you follow all the rules of hygiene before using them. Both the cup and the menstrual disc are made of 100% German quality medical grade silicone, biocompatible and bacteria-free. Both have attestation and quality certifications that guarantee you can use them safely, such as ISO, CE, FDA, MSDS etc. 

Menstrual cup vs disc: insertion and removal

Although both products are inserted into the vagina, the insertion and removal method is slightly different and we’ll explain exactly how to do it.

The menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina and positioned under the cervix. Before insertion, wash your hands thoroughly and make sure the product has been sterilized. Then:

  • Bend the cup into the shape of the letter C, insert the cup inside the vagina, twist it so that it opens completely and forms a vacuum. Now the space has been sealed, the ring of the cup fixed to the walls of the vagina, and the menstrual fluid will be collected inside it without any risk of staining. 
  • To remove and empty it, wash your hands thoroughly again. Insert your finger into the vagina at the side of the cup to break the vacuum. Pull it out, empty it, then rinse it with water. 

In the case of the menstrual disc, it is positioned behind the pubic bone, fitting across the width of the vaginal canal, not under the cervix as with the menstrual cup. Wash your hands before insertion and make sure it has been sterilized. Then:

  • Fold the disc lengthwise and insert it with the round side into the vagina, with the ring facing outwards. Continue to gently push the disc upwards, facing the navel, keeping it folded all the time. To make sure it doesn’t leak, it’s important to push the disc under the pubic bone. The menstrual disc is placed deeper than the menstrual cup, across the width of the vaginal canal, where it will collect the menstrual fluid inside.
  • To remove it, insert your finger into the vagina, grasp the special ring of the disc and gently pull it out. Empty and clean it. 

What’s really important to remember in using the menstrual cup vs menstrual disc: 

  • Unlike menstrual cups, a menstrual disc doesn’t create a vacuum, which means it’s a great option for people who are sterile. The cup, on the other hand, by the fact it creates a vacuum, must be handled carefully in case you have an IUD, which can be dislodged if handled with pressure when pulling.
  • When choosing a disc you don’t have to take birth or cervical positioning into account, as with cups. 

Are there any risks in using menstrual cups or discs?

There are no risks in using either product, as long as you follow the instructions for use exactly and take all hygiene measures, i.e. wash your hands before inserting and removing the disc or cup and sterilize them before and after each use. However, it is contraindicated to use menstrual cups if: you have burns, irritation or inflammation in the genital area or you feel discomfort and pain while urinating.

How long can you wear menstrual cups and discs?

For optimal hygiene we recommend that you do not wear your menstrual cup for more than 10 hours without removing it. It should be emptied about twice a day, depending on your menstrual flow. If your menstrual flow is heavy, you will need to empty it more often to avoid any risk of leakage. Also, don’t keep the menstrual disc or cup for more than 12 hours without emptying them.

Here’s another tip: it’s most effective to monitor your flow when you start using one of the FemiEko products. This way you will know the intervals at which you need to remove and empty the cup or disc during the first few days of your period and towards the end. 

Which is better for managing heavy flow, menstrual cups or discs?

The menstrual disc has an unique design and is compatible with any anatomy and any menstrual flow, whether heavy, medium or light. The difference is in the intervals at which you have to remove and empty it.

The menstrual cup, on the other hand, comes in different sizes and is chosen according to the cervix, so to play it safe you need to know your body anatomy a little better. 

Menstrual cup vs disc: myths

The cup cannot be used by virgin girls – MYTH! We have developed a menstrual cup specifically designed for the TEEN category, compatible with the needs of teenage girls, and which is also suitable for virgins.

You can’t have sex on your period – MYTH! The menstrual disc can be used when having sex, but be careful! It doesn’t protect you from an unwanted pregnancy.

Are menstrual cups and discs reusable?

Yes, they are reusable and this is one of the advantages of menstrual cups and discs. It means you buy them once and use them for a few years. During menstruation, when you take them out to empty them, you just rinse them with water and put them back in. 

However, what is very important to know is that both the disc and the cup must be sterilized before each use, including the first time. Sterilization is also done after menstruation has stopped, when bleeding stops. There are two ways to sterilize your products: with a special sterilizer, which you can find in the ‘Accessories’ section of our website, or by boiling them in water for 10 minutes. Between periods, after sterilization, we recommend keeping the cup or disc in the special bag.

Now that you’ve learned the most important facts about the cup and the menstrual disc – two revolutionary products in every woman’s life – it’s time to choose the one that best suits your needs. Or you can try them both, along with the special sterilizer. If you order a minimum of 3 products, we have the option for you to select ‘Naked Box’ packaging, which is a single reusable, environmentally friendly box. In addition, by choosing the “Naked Box” you get a 20% discount on future purchases. 

Whichever option you choose, you’ll save money and really feel the comfort during your period.

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