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Period panties Frida – High Waist – Black

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Don't know which size fits you? See the label of the clothes you are wearing now. If you wear different sizes (depending on the item, for example once M, sometimes S) choose the smallest size. Our panties are stretchy and will mold perfectly without constricting you. Order without fear, because we offer a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee on any first item purchased from us, and you can be sure that we will advise you on a perfect exchange!

45 ml = 3 x  = 5 x

Style: Classic high waisted absorbent panties, seamless, very stretchy, not visible under clothes.
Recommended for: Active women, women of all ages, teenagers, post-partum
Ideal for: Heavy menstrual flow, first days of menstruation, night-time protection, first days after childbirth, after abortion and surgery, urinary incontinence
Comfort: 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 ultracomfort
Use: Depending on the flow, you can wear them for up to 12 hours continuously without leakage and risk of infection.
Healthy alternative: Replaces traditional pads and tampons, does not cause dryness, unpleasant odours and irritation

Femi.eko Super Absorption and High Waist Absorbent Panties for menstruation and incontinence offer protection, comfort and stress-free periods, making it possible for every woman to enjoy feeling fresh and dry without having to depend on products that she has to buy every month. Good for you, good for the Planet!
Femi.eko panties are easy to wear, easy to wash and help you save money every month. The settling-in period with this product is very short, and caring for the panties requires no extra effort compared to caring for classic underwear.
You simply use these panties like regular underwear, changing them when they are saturated with liquid. You can wear the absorbent underwear for up to 12 hours for safe hygiene, without irritation, odour or leakage (depending on menstrual flow), reusing them for up to 2 years.
The absorbent panties are only 2 mm thick, have no seams (giving beautiful body shapes), and are comfortable and pleasant to the touch.
For the absorbent area, we use 4 different layers of protective material, making heavy and moderate flows or night time use manageable. Thanks to these absorbent layers, Femi.eko panties are extremely effective against any type of leakage, so you can wear them during menstruation, but also when you have had surgery/abortion, if you have mild urinary incontinence or heavy secretions.
The extended absorbency area at the back will guarantee you a peaceful, spot-free sleep!
No fragrance, PFA or other harmful chemicals. Contain a layer of SilverClear treated material – patented as having anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odor properties, used to treat sores.
As well as feeling protected, healthier and more confident, you’ll be sure to embrace menstruation or other leaks with less stress.
Say NO to plastic in intimate areas, NO to pollution and reliance on disposable products and a big YES to comfortable, lightweight and eco-friendly products. Requires washing before first wear.

Material Details & Certificate

The first layer of material that comes into contact with the intimate area:
Medical grade fabric through SilverClear™ technology
Composition: 80% polyester + 20% nylon
Function: soft and smooth, quick drying, anti-microbial, anti-odor and treatment.

2nd layer:
Liquid storage and absorption
Composition: 80% polyester + 20% nylon
Function: Liquid storage, strong absorption, efficient drying

3rd layer:
Leak resistant and waterproof
Composition: 100% TPU
Function: breathable, leak-proof

4th layer:
Composition: 78% Nylon + 22% Spandex
Function: breathable, comfortable, soft to the touch, elastic

How to use it
Wash and care

Rinse with cold water before washing. Hand wash or machine wash at low temperatures (ideally 30 degrees). Do not use chlorine, bleach, disinfectants or conditioner. We recommend using a hypoallergenic, fragrance-free detergent, preferably liquid (for complete dissolution in water without white deposits on the fabric).

  • COMFORT & CONFIDENCE in yourself
  • FRIENDLY with the ecosystem
  • NO harmful PFA & CHEMICALS
  • REUSABLE up to 2 years
  • WEAR IT up to 12 hours

Customer reviews

1 Customer review

  1. Petronela
    7 July 2022
    Vârstă: 27
    Nivel Flow: Super Heavy
    Cea mai buna investitie
    Chilotii menstruali mi-au schimbat viata si noptile. Cred ca e cea mai buna decizie pe care puteam sa o iau atat pentru corpul meu, cat si pentru lini...More
    Chilotii menstruali mi-au schimbat viata si noptile. Cred ca e cea mai buna decizie pe care puteam sa o iau atat pentru corpul meu, cat si pentru linistea sufleteasca „sa nu ma misc ca sa nu ma patez”. Provocarea din timpul menstruatiei a fost mereu pe timp de noapte, avand un flux mare in primele zile mereau era nevoie sa am grija in ce pozitie ma pun in pat. Am fost extrem de sceptica pana sa-mi iau prima pereche de chiloti. Am fost si mai sceptica in prima zi de purtare la birou, incat mi-am luat cu mine absorbante clasice si chiloti normali ca sa am in caz ca. Dar din fericire nu a fost nevoie, nici pe timp de zi, mai ales pe timp de noapte. Imi dau seama ce ignoranta am fost pana acum si am lasat fricile sa ma conduca. Abia astept sa-mi iau inca cate o pereche pe roz si verde. Multumesc!
    Reply from Femi.Eko®:
    Multumim pentru incredere si aprecieri. Ne bucuram sa faci parte din familia noastra de femei increzatoare.
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Flow level

Frequently asked questions

Femi.Eko® period underwear holds up to 5-6 regular tampons’ worth of fluid (45 mL). It is super absorbent thanks to the full rear protection, making it a great solution for heavy flows and night use.

If you have any concerns about your flow or you’ve never used this kind of protection until now, wear your Femi.Eko® panties while at home for a day of your cycle. You will be able to test with no stress how the panties adjust to the natural flow and how often you must change.

For a normal period flow, you may need to change the period underwear about 2 times a day, but if you have heavy flows, then you can change 3 times a day. Normally, you should not keep the underwear for more than 10 hours, as it is not hygienically safe.

No, Femi.Eko® period underwear tends to stay fresher than other intimate products. That’s because the fabric breathes, while keeping most of the liquid in the interior layers. This helps stop the growth of bacteria that normally produces nasty smells.

If you notice any weird smells, you may need to check the issue with your doctor and eliminate any undetected infections.

Please don’t add softeners or perfume while washing your period underwear, this can destroy the protective layers and cause disbalance to your flora.

You may want to check our size chart. Our measures are made to be a comfortable fit, so please choose the right measure for you. Otherwise, you can benefit from our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE programme.


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