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Top 15 reasons why you should own menstrual panties

Top 10 motive pentru care trebuie să ai și tu o pereche de chiloți menstruali

Menstrual panties are the modern alternative for intimate care during menstruation. They are made from special textiles that are absorbent and gentle on the intimate area. Menstrual panties are the new eco-friendly, affordable and economical solution that women all over the world choose for intimate care.

Before you buy a pair of menstrual panties, you should first find out why this new solution has gained attention and become the preferred method for many women during menstruation and more. Below we introduce and explain the reasons why you might love these menstrual panties. 

The world is constantly changing, and new solutions are coming to make life easier for women everywhere. Read the article and find out more about menstrual underwear and how you can take better care of yourself during ‘that’ time of the month. 

What are menstrual panties?

Menstrual panties are, as the name suggests, special panties that absorb fluids during menstruation so that you feel very comfortable and are protected against leakage. 

Menstrual panties are made of natural materials and are OEKO TEX certified. Which means your skin is protected by a thin layer of deeply absorbent fibres. For this very reason, menstrual underwear can also be worn for protection against discharge, urinary incontinence or postpartum. 

They are versatile. Their main function is to be your reliable menstrual partner, but they’re designed so you can rely on their quality whenever you need it. Some women choose to wear them every day, and with Femi Eko Combo Packs you can be sure you’ll always have the protection you need close at hand. 

Femi.Eko® menstrual panties are skin-friendly and comfortable. They are designed for a variety of menstrual flows, from heavy to daily protection. When you choose Femi.Eko® menstrual panties, you simultaneously choose permanent protection. Discover the 15 reasons why it’s worth trying at least one pair of menstrual panties:

  1. Menstrual panties are 100% absorbent
  2. They are specially designed for menstruation, but can be worn anytime
  3. They protect you during menstruation, but also against urinary incontinence, heavy discharge or pubic sweating
  4. They are made from special, medically certified materials
  5. They are comfortable and friendly even for very sensitive skin 
  6. Made from natural, eco-friendly materials 
  7. Easy to clean 
  8. They are leak-proof, regardless of the intensity of menstrual flow 
  9. Smart, economical solution
  10. Different sizes and designs for individual needs 
  11. Wear for up to 10 hours, and can replace up to 5 regular pads throughout the day
  12. Reusable for up to 2 years
  13. Does not develop unpleasant odours
  14. No wet feeling
  15. No PFA and other chemicals

Why use menstrual underwear?

Given that a woman spends about 10 years of her life #menstruating, the costs can be very high. With menstrual underpants you significantly reduce costs because they can be reused. They are easy to clean. As long as you follow the cleaning instructions, you will enjoy the benefits of this special type of underwear for many months to come. 

The average lifespan of a pair is about 2 years.


One size does not fit all when it comes to menstrual underwear. Since the concept phase, all the factors contributing to the performance of this new menstrual underwear have been analysed and specific sizes and designs have been created for each period. With the right size and the right level of absorbency, you’ll discover optimal protection and comfort when you need it most.


The Femi.Eko® menstrual panty collection is a collection on the move. As a new solution, created in Denmark and received with great openness worldwide, the concept continuously integrates the wishes and feedback of women who choose to use them. 

That’s why new menstrual panty designs appear frequently in our collection. We recommend you to follow the launches and discover menstrual panties or the smarter, cheaper and affordable solution to the eternal female problem. 

#menstruation #newcare

For example, two new collections of menstrual panties will be launched in the coming period: TEEN and SWIM. Soon you’ll also be able to enjoy protection by the pool.

Keep an eye on our website and keep up to date with everything we launch that can make your life easier. When you’re on your period, you don’t have to put your life in ‘waiting mode’!

Levels of protection for menstrual underwear 

Depending on the variations in flow during menstruation, you can choose from different styles of menstrual panties. Each model offers different levels of protection against leakage. There are 3 levels of absorbency available:

  • super-heavy: heavy flow  
  • moderate: medium flow
  • light: light flow 

#custom #flow 

As long as you wear the right model at the right time, you’re protected against leaks and stains. 

What are Femi Eko menstrual panties made of?

Femi Eko menstrual panties are made from PFA-free materials with natural fibres. The materials in the fabric are OEKO-TEX certified – which means they have been tested and are medically safe for your health.


Thanks to menstrual panties, from now on you can think about your period differently. Discover which menstrual panty style is perfect for you. You can use the filters and you’ll find the recommended model straight away. 
And something else very important: you can even choose the style of menstrual panties: Brazilian, G-string or high-waisted. Because when you’re menstruating you don’t have to compromise style for safety and protection. With Femi Eko menstrual panties you have both.

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