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What are reusable absorbents? Here are the advantages of using reusable absorbents

Ce sunt absorbatele reutilizabile?

You may have heard about reusable pads, but do not know exactly what they mean. This review introduces these new intimate care products for women and explains the benefits of using them. Nowadays, many women are trying the new solutions available for menstruation, and the article details what reusable pads are, how to use them, what benefits you’ll discover if you choose to use reusable pads, and more information about protection levels.

Read the article and find out why many women prefer them and why they might just become your favourite period care product.

Reusable absorbents – what are they?

A reusable pad is a feminine hygiene product that can be worn during menstruation to retain blood and can be used more than once. These reusable pads are usually made from cotton or bamboo fabric and may include several layers of fabric for extra protection. Because they can be washed and reused, these reusable pads are a more environmentally friendly option than disposable pads, which have to be thrown away after use. Many women also find them more comfortable and convenient than disposable pads.

How do I use a reusable menstrual pad?

Reusable pads: sizes and designs

There are several models and sizes of reusable menstrual pads available. In the FemiEko range of reusable pads there are 2 sizes available, S and M. Depending on the flow, you can choose the right size for days of varying abundance.

For example, size M reusable pads are designed for heavy flows, including postpartum, while size S are better for light menstrual days or for daily discharge and incontinence. You can also opt for a combination of reusable pads and menstrual cup to find out what suits you best and cover all menstrual days.

Once you’ve chosen a reusable menstrual pad, it’s important to know how to use it properly. FemiEko reusable pads have wings that clip around the sides of the underwear to keep them on the panty area.

Reusable pads: how to use them

The absorbent pad should be washed before first use to activate the absorption of the materials. To apply the reusable menstrual pad, start by washing your hands. Then apply the pad to the panty area and secure the wings around the underwear with the staples. Once the pad is in place, you can go about your day without fear of stains.

Avoid touching the absorbent material with your hands during use, as this can cause bacteria to grow.

When it’s time to remove your absorbent pad, wash your hands again and undo the staples. Then remove the absorbent pad. Rinse the pad with cold water until all the menstrual fluid comes out, then wash it in hot or cold water, by hand or machine, but not at more than 40 degrees, as you can otherwise destroy the waterproof layer. Let it air dry before using it again. Don’t use disinfectant detergents, conditioner or bleach, and don’t iron.

Advantages of reusable textile absorbents

By using reusable absorbents you have several advantages, including:

  • comfortable
  • use over 600 times
  • are made of the highest quality materials: 100% bamboo fabric
  • skin breathes permanently; no moisture build-up
  • no unpleasant odours or plastic rustling
  • design designed for maximum protection
  • Easy to use/wash
  • eco-friendly
  • economical
  • chemical-free

In addition, opting for reusable pads is an inspired choice for maintaining hygiene and intimate health. In addition, they are made of natural materials and contain no chemical or toxic compounds, provide full protection without unpleasant odours, while being the optimal solution for the environment.

Choosing reusable sanitary towels can make a significant personal contribution to protecting the planet, given that from first period to menopause, a woman goes through the delicate period 450 times (according to

This means that for 10 years of a woman’s life, she needs sanitary pads or tampons at all times. By using reusable pads, any woman can protect the environment, thanks to this new solution, affordable and available now.

Protection levels of reusable pads

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and comfortable option consider trying reusable pads from the FemiEko range. These reusable pads have 4 layers of 100% bamboo fibre fabric, 2 super absorbent layers of microfibre, plus an extra outer layer that is waterproof and repeat application resistant.

Depending on your flow, the absorbent provides up to 10 hours of protection, you don’t get the feeling of skin stuck to adhesive or the impression of plastic rustling between your legs.

Discreet, effective, with no strange smells or sounds, with a reusable pad pack, you get rid of the stress of continually buying intimate care products. Plus, you can choose reusable pads from a variety of versatile packs designed for every woman’s needs. Discover all the reusable absorbent packs available now and find what’s right for you.

Thinking of trying reusable pads? Find out which size fits you and test this new menstrual solution with confidence. You’ll definitely benefit from using an environmentally friendly, economical absorbent developed according to your body’s natural needs. Reusable pads offer safety, freedom of movement, discretion and comfort during menstruation. You can be sure!

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